Inner Circle Show

Holiday Greetings from John Mulligan

Our Chris Olert is just back from a visit with former IC President John Mulligan and filed this report.

John Mulligan playing hisself in the 2010 Inner Circle Show.

I saw John Mulligan yesterday at the Firemens Home in Hudson. His spirits are excellent, and claims he is responding to physical therapy. He was doing his Ironsides imitation yesterday in front of the Ravens-Steelers game, awaiting his daily gruel.

John sends his regards to all. He enjoys letters, cards, ponies, carafes of over-priced distilled beverages, and whatever one can send without jousting with Customs and Immigration agents. But seriously, he looks well, and was offering sketches for Inner Circle 2013.

I offered to spring him for Christmas, but he says his handlers wont allow out-of-town tripsI told him to get extra Chanukah candles this year, with the vagaries of hurricanes, tsunamis and blizzards. Said John: No problem; Im keeping company with a dame named Esther.

John may be reached at 845 -790-5557 or at

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