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Now What? Our Carole Zimmer is Podding Ahead

Gloria Steinem

Carole’s first guest was feminist Gloria Steinem.



Podcast host Carole Zimmer and one of her special guests, Eve Ensler.


Member Carole Zimmer is surging forward with her own podcast where she interviews celebrities about big life decisions, how to re-invent themselves, inspiration, and, as she puts it “how we wind up navigating all those curves in the road.”

Guests on the podcast, called “Now What?” have ranged from Gloria Steinem to comedian Robert Klein to playwright Eve Ensler of “The Vagina Monolgues” fame. Carole records the interviews in the guests’ homes or other personal spaces, bringing a unique aspect to the conversations.

Listen to all the episodes here.

Robt Klein

Another guest, comedian Robert Klein.



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