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Rave Reviews for "Preoccupied"

The reviews are unanimous.  “Preoccupied” is one of the Inner Circle’s best shows, and applause are extended to Mayor Bloomberg’s rebuttal “How to Succeed by Bloomberg.” Here are links to a selection of articles about the 2012 show. This one from Gothamist: photos_video_mayor_bloomberg_sings.php#photo-8 The Village Voice: runninscared/2012/03/inner_circle_sh.php The New York Press Club: […]

"Preoccupied" and Mayor Mike Star in Inner Circle Spectacular

The Inner Circle cast of “Preoccupied,” and later Mayor Mike Bloomberg accompanied by stars of a Broadway musical, showed a sold-out crowd at the Hilton New York how to really succeed in show business. But for awhile it seemed as if April Fools had come a few hours early when a technical glitch delayed the […]