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The Inner Circle now has its own YouTube channel and a page on Facebook. See them here: Spread the word about the YouTube channel and tell all your Facebook Friends.

2011 Rehearsal Schedule

Here is a schedule of rehearsals for “Meet the Fockker-Uppers.”  Bear in mind, these dates and locations could change, so stay tuned for e-mail announcements. Wednesday, February 9 - Friars Club Friday, February 11 - Chelsea Studios (151 West 26 Street) Wednesday, February 16 - Studios 353, 353 W. 48th St, 8/9 Aves. Friday, February […]

Inner Circle Charities

Each year the proceeds of the Inner Circle Show go toward small, deserving charities selected by members.  A member may change their charity if so desired. Here are the charities that Inner Circle members have selected to receive donations from our show each year: Hour Children Cardinal Hayes High School Publicolor Big Apple Greeter Achilles International […]