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Inner Circle Brings Luck to Yankees


2016 ICballgameYanks

How many Inner Circlers can you pick out of the crowd?

The 2016 baseball season has been lackluster at best for the New York Yankees.

But at a game that was an outing for Inner Circle members, the Bronx Bombers managed to pull out another win.

The outing is an annual tradition of late. One year members go to the stadium to see the Yanks, and the next year to Citifield to catch the Mets.

The Yankees hosted the lowly Minnesota Twins on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, June 25. They won 2-1.

Among those members cheering them on: Mara ubin, Shelly and Larry Strickler, Larry Sutton, Beth Karas, Mickey Carroll, Ed Silberfarb, Marry Murphy, Steven Silverstein and also some family members.

In 2017, we’ll do it again in Queens.


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